Creating This Site

This site is partly an expression of my interest as a recording engineer, and partly a place to experiment with software development concepts and technologies. As in all of life, I am building on the work of others, including

One of my areas of interest is to make web sites that can be viewed and used on most any device (computer, tablet, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) using responsive web design. Metro UI CSS is a great starting point, but there is still much to do. Please drop me a line at davem AT orchardhousemedia DOT com if you can't view a page properly on whatever your favorite devices is, or if you want to make suggestions.


  • BlogEngine.NET supports multiple blogs in one web site. I am using two blogs on - one for audio (/blog/), and this one one for software development (/softwareblog/). BlogEngine.NET uses a completely different set of users and settings for each blog. If you first register for this software blog, you have not yet registered for the audio blog. The Start page uses the audio blog user accounts. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Perhaps some day I'll take the time to remedy this situation.
  • I have used responsive design on this site, but I have only been testing on an iPhone, a Surface RT and a Kindle Fire in addition to IE and Chrome on a laptop. Please let me know if you find any formatting problems on the devices you use.

About the author


Dave is a recording engineer, musician and software developer in Minneapolis.

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