Event 4 - Pork Chops in Sage Cream Sauce

by Dave MichelFebruary 15, 2015

The "I Thunk This Up Mahself" event was to feature recipes that I developed. But I pored through all my notes and recipe books, and couldn't find my Pork Chops in Sage Cream sauce recipe. We think it might be written in some cookbook somewhere. In any case, I often made up variations every time. I ended up starting with a similar recipe from Organic Valley.

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This is an easy and classy recipe with Crimini mushrooms and wine that just has a classic feel to it. Add sauteed green beans, a salad and a wild rice casserole done beforehand, and it's a nice, manageable meal for eight, especially since I could do the chops and sauce in one pan. Great company and conversation, too, even if I didn't go to Luther College.

Back in the day when I was developing my own recipe, I made a roux and I braised the chops in the sauce as it thickened. Making a true cream sauce not only enhances the flavor and texture, but kept the chops nice and tender.


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Dave is a recording engineer, musician and software developer in Minneapolis. He's found that a cooking sabbatical is more work than normal life.

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