Project Spotlight - Siri Undlin

by Dave MichelJune 16, 2013

I've been doing a demo/EP with Siri Undlin, a recent Colorado College graduate and singer/songwriter. She's a natural musician who uses dynamics with her voice and guitar to great effect. Though she claims she's not done much recording, she obviously has an intuitive feel for what works in the studio.

All the vocals were done on a Neumann TLM 127. Siri typically was backing off a step or two when she's singing loud. Minimal EQ was used. For most tracks I used a bit of compression (the Cakewalk LP64 five band compressor sounded much clearer on her voice than the Sonitus compressor).

Most of the guitar tracks were in stereo with the TLM 127 at the 12th fret and an Audio-Technica Pro37 pointed at the lower bout. Siri plays a small body Taylor mahogany top.

My old Kay upright was a mix of a Realist pickup and an Earthworks QTC-30. I think the pickup is now worth more than the bass, but it gets the job done.

We aren't autotuning anything for this demo, and production is pretty bare bones (I added synth strings on "In Stone", and bass and guitar on "Rain Waiting") - trying to keep it organic.

In Stone

Rain Waiting

Burning the Mountain

I Fare My Body

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