Cooking List

I am currently looking at these particular cooking products. I'll provide a request list soon.


Other Possible Items (no specifics yet)

  • 8-10 Ramekins for individual soufflés or popovers ($4-5 each)
  • Flexible cutting mat
  • Hand juicer ($5-25)
  • Metal strainer ($5-25 - depends on size)
  • silicone-tipped whisk for non-stick pans ($15)
  • Baking pans / racks
  • Food mill
  • Food processor
  • Immersion blender ($70-100)
  • Fix downstairs refrigerator freezer shelf


 Maybe a Cooks of Crocus Hill gift certificate would make sense Smile


About the author


Dave is a recording engineer, musician and software developer in Minneapolis.

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