Audio Recording

I started doing classical recordings on location a very long time ago. Now, instead of dragging an 80-pound Studer B67 tape machine around (oh, yes, it was that heavy), I bring a laptop, preamps and an interface, and a small array of high quality mics and stands, and I'm ready to go. Here's my equipment list.

Editing and Mastering

All editing and post production is done in the digital domain. This is the time to apply any corrective changes like reverb or equalization. Under certain circumstances digital noise reduction (for, say, a loud ventilation system or passing bus) may be used, as well as general editing to remove noises and smooth out transitions. Once mixed and edited, the files will be loaded into the mastering application for making the Redbook CD master, or will be digitally distributed.

Making the CD

I include one "proof" CD for each recording project on request. If I am doing your duplication, graphics and titles will be printed on the CD, as well as a jewel box insert and tray liner to your specifications.

You may supply your own graphics, or I can do it for you for an additional charge. Title layout goes much faster if you can provide me the information you'd like to have printed in electronic form.

If you are having your recording replicated elsewhere, I will provide you a DDP zip, a finished CD-R audio master or a data CD-R (WAV files) with no graphics for a small additional charge.


Call (612) 730-2272 for a quote.